Professionalism is Bullshit

No really

it is

You said the way to enter the middle class was college

so i took out loans

got a B.A. and

when that wasn't enough

a M.A.

You said my accent wasn't professional

so i studied yours

and lost mine

You said my vocabulary wasn't professional

so i added big words to my lexicon

I can now tell you that it's copacetic

if you defenestrate yourself

You said that my clothes were unprofessional

so i acquired a credit card

and bought different clothes

You said that i talk too much

so i contacted my doctor

upped my ritalin and

lost my culture

And yet,

it's still not enough

even though I have attempted to remake myself

into your image

I'll never be professional


my elders may be native

but in your eyes

i'll only ever be

white trash

(note: Kinja hates poetry, the format is different than the one i used in my personal journal, so i had to work with kinja and use italics where there were spaces, sorry!)