ETA: closing this down because I won't be able to properly respond to people over the weekend. Especially since this is an emotionally laden subject and I didn't write it very clearly


Look, i get the whole separation of church and state. I'm all for it, shoot, it was a baptist who lobbied to get it into place. But one thing that is sacred to me are places where grief is displayed. I don't care if there's a cross, crescent, spaghetti monster, etc... if someone is killed there, even on public land, and the family is actively grieving, i let things be! I just saw the video of where the grieving mother was ordered by an atheist group to remove a cross she'd put up to memorialize her son who was killed in that spot. And i just can't understand what goes through someone's mind to where they'd threaten legal action over this.

Before you get all huffy, i have wonderful atheists friends who i adore and who think this is ridiculous too... I'm kinda just venting cuz this stuff really bothers me. Maybe it's from all my years of working with people who are grieving.... i dunno. I'll stop now... i need chocolate...